Is The Carat Weight Or The Cut Of A Diamond More Important?

When shopping for diamonds, you need to come with your homework done, otherwise you won’t be able to understand what too look for. You have to know the main characteristics of a diamond and their influence on the quality of the stone. You need to know where the good value for money is, in order to find the best possible diamond that fits into your available budget.

Diamond RingYou can pay a fair price, but only if you know how to assess and compare various stones and their features. If you go shopping without knowing much, you risk to overpay quite a lot. This is why you should learn as much as you can before even starting your research.

As diamonds have four main characteristics that give their quality and their market value, you need to learn what are these characteristics, also known as the 4Cs, namely carat, cut, color and clarity. Each of them is measured on a special scale, and they all influence the brilliance and the beauty of a stone. The art of shopping for the perfect diamond is to be able to find the right combination of these characteristics that would give you a good looking stone, at a reasonable price.

The carat weight is directly related to the size of the diamond. It’s very clear that the bigger the carat weight, the larger the diamond is going to be. When making your choice, you need to start from your budget and work your way up from that value. You may want to pick a gem that’s smaller, but with much better cut value. If you want to use it for an engagement ring, you may be better off with a smaller one anyway, so why pay more for a big stone that wouldn’t be so comfortable on the finger of your sweetheart?

The impact of the Diamond Cut

Different Types of Engagement ringsAs the cut contributes a lot to the brilliance and the overall look of a diamond, you can safely assume that it is more important than the carat weight. However, you can only make this assumption when you have a budget big enough to afford a stone that serves its purpose. Besides, the clarity and the color are also very important, as they also have a direct influence on the look of the diamond.

The real challenge is to find the middle way, the mix of properties that gives you the most beautiful gem, at the best possible price. As the cut influences the path of the light through the stone, it surely is important, so you should never overlook it when shopping for diamonds. A not so good cut may result in less brilliance, thus being quite annoying.

The main advantage of a good cut is that it can make a smaller carat weight choice look bigger and whiter under various lighting options. This is why it’s a good idea to aim for the best cut you can afford, and then see what kind of compromise you can make on the other factors, in order to get the best value for money.

A better brilliance can help masking the inclusions in the stone, thus allowing you to go for a lower clarity grade, without losing on quality. As great diamonds are merely based on optical illusions, if you can find one that looks gorgeous without having the high grades that come with huge price tags, you can say you’ve found a keeper.

The value of the diamond carat weight

Fancy Shaped DiamondThis piece of advice can serve you even if you want to buy diamonds as investments rather than for an engagement ring or other piece of jewelry. A beautiful stone is always going to have a good value on the market, so you should try to compare multiple options before you make your final decision.

This kind of purchase may involve lots of days or even months of research. Besides, you should hire an expert diamond grader to help you, as they are the most qualified individuals for this kind of job. They know what to look for in a stone, their eyes being trained to find even the slightest imperfections. You can be sure they can spot more inclusions and imperfections than you, so they can help you avoid overpaying for your stone.

In conclusion, the discussion about the importance of the cut vs the carat weight isn’t too relevant. Once you decide which carat weight is right for you, you can go ahead and see what cut grade you can afford. If you aren’t happy with your options, you can go ahead and decrease a little the carat weight, then search again in this new range. This is how you should think when you shop for diamonds. You need to understand that flexibility, determination and patience can help you land an amazing deal.

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