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How Do Diamond Grading Labs Issue Certificates?

The most reliable way to assess the quality of a diamond is to send it to a reputable lab. There are different specialized labs around the world that perform a number of tests and inspections to determine the quality and value of a diamond. Grading certificates are issued by these labs and most jewelers will present these certificates to potential buyers.

AGS Grading ReportThere are some differences in how labs grade diamonds. The same stone can be graded differently depending on how two labs perform their tests and depending on the criteria they use to grade diamonds. Grading certificates help you understand what you are buying but you need to keep in mind that grading can vary depending on where the certificate comes from.

Diamond grading labs look at the same things to assess the quality of a diamond but they might use different standards. Typically, a grading certificate will include details about the carat weight of a stone, its clarity, cut, polish, symmetry and fluorescence. These are all the main factors that need to be looked at when shopping for a diamond but keep in mind that some flaws are not as bad as they seem when you look at the grading papers because they can be hidden with the right ring setting.

There are also differences in the language used by different diamond grading labs. This is especially true when comparing US-based labs with foreign ones. The same words can be used by two different labs to refer to two different grades. This can be confusing and you need to take the time to review the grading sales used by the lab who issued the certificate you are looking at to make sure you understand everything.

The grading certificate of a diamond can influence the price of the stone. Some labs have looser standards and will issue a certificate that makes the diamond seem more valuable than it really is. On the other hand, some certificates issues by stricter labs can add value to the diamond because they are considered as a solid proof that a diamond is highly valuable.

If you are shopping for a diamond, look for a stone that was graded by a reliable US-based lab such as the GIA, IGI or EGL USA. If a jeweler has a diamond that was graded by a lab based outside of the US, find out more about this lab, its reputation and the standards used.

If you want to purchase a diamond, you need to be prepared for the jeweler presenting the grading certificate as one of their selling point. Keep in mind that a certificate issued by a lab that uses looser standards does not make the diamond more valuable. It is best to choose a diamond with grading papers issued by a well-known lab to make sure the diamond was properly graded.

However, buying a diamond graded by one of the stricter labs means the price might seem higher than diamonds graded by labs with looser standards.