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Diamond Cutting StudentsOn this page we want to tell you a little bit more about our passion for engagement ring settings. This passion is particularly due to the fact that we die not only learn diamond cutting but also engagement ring design.

Choosing The Right Setting For Your Diamond Ring

Choosing the right diamond is important if you want to purchase a diamond ring but you also need to pay attention to the setting of the ring. Solitaire and accents settings are probably the most popular designs for engagement rings since these styles really draw attention to the diamond.
You should choose your ring setting in function of the styles you like but also in function of the diamond you are interested in. The right setting will make the diamond you selected look even better and can actually hide some of the flaws of the stone.

Choosing the right ring metalIf there are small flaws such as visible lines and cracks in the diamond, it is usually possible to hide these by simply covering them with the ring setting. A solitaire design is ideal if there are a few flaws to hide since the ring will cover the sides and the culet of the stone.

Choosing a ring setting with some accents is a great way to make a diamond stand out and to make the ring look more impressive if you opted for a fairly small diamonds. It is possible to add some accents made from other types of gemstones for instance. This is a good way to add a touch of color to the ring or to make the ring appear shinier and more noticeable.

Look for a ring setting that corresponds to your style and personality. You can find some rings with a design that has a retro feel to it or opt for a more modern style if you think this is a better match for your personality. If you do not want to have an engagement ring that looks like the rings everyone else has, look for a more original design when selecting the ring setting.
The material used to make the ring setting is important because it will really impact how good the ring and the diamond look. It is preferable to choose a ring setting made from silver, white gold, platinum or from another material since the white color will make the diamond appear brighter.

Consider the ring metal

It is possible to find rings made from yellow gold or from rose gold. However, these colors can make a diamond look a little less white. If you selected a diamond that doesn’t look colorless, it might be best to opt for a white metal for the ring setting instead of choosing a metal with a warmer hue.

Rough Diamond ProductionIf you or your significant other suffers from metal allergies, your best option is a ring setting made from platinum. The most common allergens are nickel and copper, which are used as alloys in gold and silver jewelry. You need to let the jeweler know about any existing metal allergies to choose the perfect ring setting.

Another thing to consider when comparing ring settings is how well the diamond ring will go with the wedding band. You can find sets of engagement and wedding rings with similar designs.
Take the time to look at different styles of ring settings and ask yourself which design is a good mach for your tastes and personality. The perfect ring setting should draw attention to the diamond and make it look better.

If you are not sure what kind of ring setting is best, go to a jewelry store so you can try different styles and see what you like wearing. You should also talk to the jeweler who will be designing your ring to get some recommendations and get an idea of what kind of ring setting would make the diamond you selected look even better once it is set in the ring.